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Business case for $1M+ energy/water users

Southern Cross University

“In the absence of a clear business case, action to reduce utility costs across Campus, in excess of $1.5M/year (energy and water) can be tricky. However, through the preparation of a Campus wide facilities upgrade assessment, significant deep savings were identified by Websters Group. The additional benefits and fact most projects presented below two year paybacks ensured this was a worthwhile exercise. We would recommend Websters Group to others with +1M/year in utility costs looking to improve core business processes while substantially cutting utility costs. Their attention to detail and listening to what the real concerns actually are ensures this is “not just another audit that sits on the shelf” but a real business plan that works” – Jeff Braby (Facilities Supervisor, Southern Cross University)




Financing Municipality Solar Hotwater                                          

Broken Hill City Council

Websters Group recently assisted in financing of solar hot water upgrades for several facilities across Broken Hill City Council worth $30,000.

Could you use $30,000 to help fund solar upgrades?

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Food Processing Sector Cost Cutting

Farm Pride Foods

Websters Group was recently featured by Sustainability Victoria for our work in delivering material and resource efficiency savings  – click here

Gerry Vullings – Operations Manager, Farm Pride

“We found the resource assessment program to be a very detailed and systematic approach. It will give us the ability to measure and reduce cost in areas that we had not looked at yet. Given that savings were in the order of ten times the initial assessment cost, we would encourage other manufacturers to consider resource efficiency because reducing cost in the current climate is very important in manufacturing and any help in expertise or dollars will be of great long term benefit.”

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